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About the Webmaster

Interested in lil' ol' me?

My name is Gabriel, my pronouns are he/him, and I'm 20 years old.

I wanted to make this website really just for fun. I'm in love with the aesthetic of the older internet, as most people are, and I find it a great outlet to put a piece of myself out there when I don't have the ability to do that IRL. I live in a very small, christian-conservative community and I have to sanitize and hide who I am as a matter of safety. Here, I can be as loudly queer, trans, and alternative as I want without worrying. I hope that others can feel comforted that they can be themselves while they're here as well.

As is probably evident, my biggest obessions are vampires, and just gore and dark topics in general. However, I'm also into some...decidedly not that things as well LOL. I have a special interest in irish folk music and listen to that as much, if not more than goth and rock bands. I'm a self-shipper, and it's my main way of engaging in media. I'm an artist and writer, and eventually, I hope to add a gallery section to my site to share that as well.

Here's some things I'm into if you want to get to know me more :D

Favorite Games

Vampire: the Masquerade

God of War series


The Last of Us 1+2

Devil May Cry 5

Horizon:Zero Dawn/Forbidden West

Hollow Knight



Favorite Bands


The Cure

Sisters of Mercy

Aurelio Voltaire

Oingo Boingo

The Irish Rovers

The Oh Hellos

Will Wood


Favorite Webshows+Podcasts

LA by Night

Critical Role


Um, Actually

The Adventure Zone


Jay and Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Favorite TV Shows+Movies

Avatar: the Last Airbender+Legend of Korra


Our Flag Means Death

X-Men (all X-Men media, really)

The Shape of Water

Alice: in Wonderland(2010)

Only Lovers left Alive

Let the Right One In(2008)

Twilight (sorry)