Welcome to my selfshipping corner!

This part of my site is essentially a secret second site, dedicated to my interest in selfshipping. I've been making OC x Canon content essentially for as long as I've been an artist and writer, and in 2018-ish, I found the selfshipping community on Tumblr. I've always had crushes on fictional characters, and my primary way of interacting with media and fandom is via selfshipping-- it's just what comes naturally to me.

Woah, woah, woah! What is Selfshipping?

Selfshipping (alternatively written as Self-shipping or self shipping) is essentially the act of shipping either yourself, or a self-insert/oc with a fictional character. That character is then commonly referred to as that person's F/O, or Fictional Other. Despite the name, though, a relationship with an F/O need not be romantic. Many people have platonic and familial F/Os, where they envision themselves as friends or family with the character respectively. There is a lot of overlap with the selfshipping community and both the waifuism and the fictosexual/fictoromantic community. Though I consider myself a part of neither, I wholeheartedly support them as well!

Why make a whole section of your site dedicated to this?

To put it simply: because I wanted to. As for a more detailed answer: it just felt necessary. Selfshipping is a HUGE part of my life. It's how I interact with media, how I enjoy characters, and how I cope and self-soothe with life. Finding the selfship community online was like truly finding my home online for the first time. I didn't feel so alone anymore, and I could finally make friends who understood how I felt about characters, and who had the same interest as me. Most of my friends now are other selfshippers, and all my friends know that it's something I do. Nearly all my art and writing is focused on it as well.

I'd been selfshipping for a long, long time before I knew any kind of term for it. I remember drawings and writing from when I was ten or even younger of X-Men ocs who dated Nightcrawler (my first ever F/O, who I still adore). When I was 11-13, I'd roleplay on Quotev where I'd play both myself and my rp partner's favorite character and they'd do the same. For whatever reason, it's just always been something I was extremely into and passionate about. I honestly find it hard to fully fixate on any media if I don't fall for a character in it, even if I adore it. I've probably fallen in love with over a hundred different fictional characters at this point. Most of these characters fall into dormancy in my brain after a certain point-- but for many of them, if I consume their media again, I'll fall right back in love.

Where can we learn about your selfships, Gabe?

My F/O list has all the F/Os I consider relevant enough to list, but know it is far from all my F/Os, and even farther from all the characters I've ever F/O'd at any point. My goal is to have a page for each F/O, where you can learn a bit about them and about our relationship. Additionally, I plan to include a section on each F/Os page of all the artwork and writing they feature in.

My Self Insert list, likewise, is a list of all the OCs I use for self insert purposes for each F/O on my list. My goal is for each insert to have a page about them as well, where you can learn of their basic information, their backstories, personalities, etc.The Gush page is dedicated to gushing about whatever F/O I'm thinking about at that time, and other such ramblings.

I also have a selfship tumblr you can follow and interact with me on! The username is transmimir.